About Us

My Time Clock is a secure online automated system for managing your employees’ working hours and shifts.

It is a simple and efficient tool:

  • for your employees to log on and off the job; and
  • for keeping track of their hours and shifts worked;
  • for applying administrative approval to hours/shifts worked;
  • for generating reports for analysis/review

It is designed to generate reports for direct input to your business’ payroll system.

Its benefits include its simplicity for users, its automated nature enhancing business efficiency, and its online location meaning it does not require local maintenance from within your business.

My Time Clock is designed and managed by SDL Technology, a small information technology business providing integrated full service information technology and related maintenance and support to small and medium size businesses.

My Time Clock is easily implemented and efficient both administratively and financially.

The annual fee for accessing this secure hosted service is calculated on the number of employees you have.

Contact us for a discussion about the potential of My Time Clock for your business.